Killing the bar

It's not often we take a look at another app - especially a calendar app. Saying that though, we have much love for Sunrise which is our go to calendar on iPhone & web. But where Sunrise is all about beautiful minute details, Peek has gone to great lengths to create all new user experiences. This we couldn't ignore.

Below is one example that really caught our eye! Just cover the front camera with your hand and voila the time is shown. It's a beautiful and practical touch.

Peek UI

You might be wondering why this is a good feature? It's a good great feature because it means a user doesn't need to close the app to check the time and open it again in order to complete what they were doing (which is so often the behaviour). Calendars are all about time so it's really a core feature.

Killing the bar

Not only is this a functional component but it has allowed the creators the freedom to use the whole of the screen for their design without trying to work around the battery and connectivity symbols. Who really needs the top bar anyway?

Since iOS7 was introduced we've seen a welcome death to the black bar that reduced the possible size of the app window. But as most designers have employed a traditional navigation bar at the top of their apps we've mainly just seen the black bar change to the colour of the navigation. This isn't really utilising precious screen space. It just looks slightly nicer.

ios6 v ios7 navigation bar

When we started changing our designs to be inline with iOS7 we struggled to think how we could incorporate the new bar aesthetic. After tweaking several designs we still weren't happy, so the option became simple: Get rid of it. When people are using our app do they really need to know how much battery they have? We certainly don't think it's that important - a clean interface is important.

Some people might disagree with this approach but for us it's about freedom to design for the whole screen and to do that it means killing the bar.

tgthr sub menu

As a final note, we would highly recommend you check out the Peek website because it's as nicely made as the app itself. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook your thoughts on both Peek and killing the bar.