Quantified irony: Could a heart-rate monitor find you love?

heart-rate image

As quantified data products continue to bleed out from the geekdom into the mainstream we are seeing more and more people tracking their every move. Whether that be running, cycling, skiing, walking or just generally jiggling limbs around in a frenzied effort to collect “fuel”. The amount and more importantly; the variety, of this data is ever increasing but the potential use and cross-referencing of this data has only just started.

So could a heart-rate monitor find you love? We think so. Data from a heart-rate monitor when combined with other user data offers incredible insight into a person’s fitness levels & activities. ‘Body Type’ & ‘Height’ are already one of the most queried metrics - so much so that OKCupid only allows its premium users to be able to filter searches via the former. But currently this data is static - it’s selected once and never changes. It’s also not that useful: you could be skinny and do no exercise or skinny because you do exercise, and in fact the ‘activeness’ is really what matters in matching lifestyles and interests.

It’s an exciting era of matchmaking and we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in this area. Actions really do talk louder than words.