The birth of a Ghost

We originally came across Ghost when they were raising money on Kickstarter. They initially wished to raise £25,000 and ended up with nearly £200,000! There was a good reason why this happened: It looks slick as hell and is probably the closest thing you can get to self-hosting Medium.

So, why write a post about Ghost? Because this blog is running on the Ghost platform. It was time to ditch the tumblr of old and move to something that matched our own standards in design and usability. After consideration of several alternatives we felt this was the simpliest and most usable both from a reader and a publisher perspective. Not only this, but we feel this platform is going to continue to evolve and innovate where others have begun to falter. For us, it's an investment and an opportunity to support a fellow startup from the UK. Something we feel very passionate about.

We'll keep our tumblr up for historical purposes but as this is now our official blog it can only be found at (should you be interested!). Thanks for the likes and reshares, it was fun but it's time to move on :)

Special thanks to Peter Amende for the original theme we used. Check out his other work here

tumblr RIP