The importance of tackling the ‘Uncool’.

"A vacuum cleaner’s not cool…. you know what’s cool? A dyson vacuum cleaner!”

Dating apps & sites are certainly not cool. If you ever ask an audience to raise their hands to show whether they are on a dating service expect to hear the creaking sound of your soul trying to disown your foolhardy body accompanied by the thrusting of hands unter ärsche. One of the core reasons for this is because those who have been the guardians of online and mobile dating have done as all incumbents generally do when left unchallenged - they do, well, ‘enough’. Online dating is not just uncool; it is cringey, embarrassing and desperate. But this is not the users fault - they have been led to think this is how dating sites and apps should be.

This is exactly why we are entering the market.

Have you ever sat and thought “if only [good designer/brand] made [currently unpleasant object/service]”? Carlsberg don’t do flatmates, but if they did, they’d probably be the best in the world (perfect example alert). Well, I don’t think this attitude should just be employed for selling beer - although it is very clever. This is why I opened with a mention of Dyson. Never in my life did I think I would legitimately and openly lust after a vaccuum cleaner, followed by a hand-dryer, fan, heater - who knows what’s next. At the core of what Dyson did was to actually make the product better. However, if his vacuum looked like all the others I don’t think we’d all know his name and Wikipedia would certainly not list him as ‘Sir’. He not only made the vacuum better but continued to wrap it in beautiful design that highlighted the innovation at the heart of the product. Genius.

Follow your passion

In this modern day-and-age of ‘how to be an entrepreneur’ book saturation we are often told to follow our passion{s}. This is often confused as - the industry you go in to must be your area of passion. But what if you just like solving problems/providing better solutions? If you merely take the ‘passion protocol’ on face value you would have to assume that James Dyson was extremely passionate about cleaning. His startup story would read of how the dog hair made such a mess of the carpet in the lounge and although he really loved running a brush through the rug for best part of half an hour, he really wanted to save time so he could get on and dry his hands on the tea towel eureka. Personally, I think it came down to him knowing he could add value and improve on the past, full stop. If dyson made urinals I’d probably reach my RDA of H2O before leaving the house in the morning. 30p at the station - cheaper than Chessington World of Adventures.

The mundane and overlooked becomes desirable

Sometimes you just don’t appreciate that things can be better - you’re so used to accepting the standard you’ve always received and more often than not they’re things you’ll happily overlook anyway. That is until something better comes along and changes everything. So when I tell people I am making a dating app, I embrace the wincing expressions - it’s to be expected; I almost invite it. It validates why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Innovation wrapped in beauty. Enabling people to reach their goal quicker and enjoy the experience of doing so thus replacing formality with desirability.

Now go make something ‘uncool’ - ‘cool’.